I met with Dr. Potthoff again on March 30 and we discussed options since Sasha’s DM Marker came back negative. He believed the only other possible reason for her knuckling was that a disk was compressing her spine which could easily be detected by MRI and corrected with neurosurgery. We scheduled a surgery date of April 11. She would be admitted, have an MRI to pinpoint the exact point of compression followed by surgery. He anticipated she would be discharged  at the end of the day. During the visit he expression concern regarding Sasha’s oral prednisone dose. He had her records from Portland Veterinary Specialists and new why she was on it but changed the dose by having me taper down daily. I wasn’t crazy about his idea as Sasha’s medication regime for PFD had worked to keep her in remission for almost 3 years ~ but I agreed. I was concerned because  her left rear leg appeared to be getting weaker plus she was knuckling more frequently  causing her to fall. She finally adapted by using what I call the “Sasha Spin” in that she pivots herself in a circular motion which seems to give her momentum to get back up. She was also a bit fearful of the back step off the kitchen leading outside because her leg would get stuck. I had faith in her ability to overcome this as she’s done with other major health issues in the past. She’s always been a fighter.

Waiting room March 30…
It’s Maine! Of couse there’s still snow mid-March!

After several days of a much lower prednisone dose Sasha has had several accidents inside the house which had never happened before; the poor girl walks and poops at the same time, totally unaware of it. We have hardwood floors so a non-issue in that respect but it concerned me. I spoke to the neurosurgeon’s office and they explained that because her spinal cord was failing to transmit to her brain that a bowel movement was coming she was having accidents. Something in the back of my mid made me take pause but I tried to push it aside. There WAS a marked difference in Sasha since the reduction in prednisone. Her mobility was horrible and she fell twice as much than when she was initially evaluated in March. I tried to convince myself that once April 11 arrived this would all be part of her past. Still, I lay awake at night because something was nagging me yet I couldn’t pinpoint it.

💜Little did I know that the worst was soon to come.💜

I’m not a savvy blogger so unsure of menus, icons etc. To see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day, please click here.

4 thoughts on “Plans for Neurosurgery…

  1. I thought the same thing about her middle name but love that they rhyme . Love her coloring too. I’ve always leaned towards sables but probably because my folks had them when I was a kid.


  2. PS. I get the part about something nagging you. It doesn’t make sense that she would fall apart like that when he changed the med dose which I don’t understand since she was on it fora long time for something else. But when the doc is a specialist and cream of the crop you believe they know what they’re doing.


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