Prior to Sasha’s stem cell therapy I did countless hours of research, sometimes as long as 10 hours a day sitting in a chair on my laptop. Sasha would sit in “her” chair patiently watching me as I worked at “Command Central”. Finally one day I gave her a pair of glasses, an iPad mini and let her enjoy herself. Like me, she had to read Blogging For Dummies for  first.

Sasha reading the bible of how to books…

All joking aside, I set up a separate Facebook page for her so I could chronicle her medical journey with photos, videos, posts and links to reputable veterinary sites ~ usually a teaching hospital. I know how helpful these were to me when I weighed her treatment options. I stressed there as I will here, never rely on information from just one source for your pets medical treatment. Also refer to information obtained from true veterinary medicine sites as opposed to “Mary Sue’s Sick Dog” page. When consulting with the veterinarian, bring a list of questions and concerns with you because it’s very easy to forget once you’re in the actual consultation. Do your homework ~ your pet depends on you.


Although Facebook has many fine things to offer its users, I didn’t feel as if I was targeting the type of people who might benefit the most, other pet owners who were experiencing one or more of the medical issues Sasha faced. It was important for me to get her story on the electronic spectrum but in a venue where it could help the most. After several months of Facebook I decided to deactivate her page and start a blog for her. Again, this is a personal blog for my dog and shouldn’t be substituted for accurate medical information that only an accredited veterinarian can offer. Having said that, I found it most helpful to see photos and watch videos of other dogs who received stem cell therapy and some of the other treatment modalities Sasha has received.  The veterinarian gives  you brochures and websites provide data but actually seeing a real dog as they experienced this cutting edge technology helped me immensely.

I began her first post as I did on Facebook so that readers can follow from the beginning.

💜I hope it helps.💜

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I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. Please subscribe to her channel for all new videos.


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