Since Portland is a rather lengthy trip, we were all exhausted upon returning from Sasha’s ophthalmology appointment on Friday April 22. As I tried to wind down from the day, I turned to my new buddy (yes it really is) ~ You Tube. I was too drained mentally to focus on any scientific or medical articles but there were still quite a few unwatched SARDS dog videos that I hadn’t seen. Once Sasha fell asleep to her doggy playlist, I lay on the sofa and began watching them on my iPad. About the third video in was posted by man in Florida, Daniel Murphy, and was about his little dog Beanie who lost his vision to SARDS on July 4, 2015. I watched all of them but was absolutely transfixed by one Dan took of Beanie taking a walk around the local high school on a Sunday afternoon in October 2015. Beanie had been on  Dr. Plechner’s protocol for several months and was definitely NOT walking the same as he did in earlier videos. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Beanie did indeed have a return of vision. The videos were clear, concise yet simple as Dan explained their every movement throughout. Most of all they were convincing, so much so that I refer to them as my “decision makers”.

By the time I was done watching I’d gained a burst of momentum despite it being 2am. I wrote an email to Dr. Potthoff, Sasha’s neurosurgeon because I knew he worked on Saturdays. I explained that prior to the start of Sasha’s stem cell therapy on Tuesday, April 26, I’d like to have the specimen for the EI1 drawn and explained the rationale behind my request. I asked that he email me on Saturday to let me know if this was acceptable; happily he responded Saturday afternoon and agreed to draw the lab work. I replied by thanking him  and said I was prepared to pay the lab fee, his collection fee  and overnight shipping costs when I came on Tuesday. I also attached the information packet from National Veterinary Diagnostic Services so that his staff would have time to get all the details regarding specimen collection and method of shipment worked out prior to Sasha’s arrival early Tuesday.

The next morning, Sunday, I composed a condensed version of Sasha’s medical history both past and present and taking a leap of faith, I emailed it to Dr. Plechner along with a copy of my email to the neurosurgeon regarding drawing the EI1 .  By noon  I had a violent headache and when my phone rang I almost didn’t answer it. Holy Hannah am I glad I did because it was Dr. Plechner! At first I babbled because I was shocked but then we got down to business. He was extremely helpful, agreed about the timing of the lab draw and offered to collaborate  with Sasha’s internist, Dr. Sarah Noble of Portland Veterinary Services. Everything he said was logical plus there was passion in his voice as he explained the many nuances of SARDS. I inherently knew that I wanted to try his protocol for Sasha.  He explained that some traditional veterinarians don’t prescribe to his theory which I already knew from my research.  I *think*  Dr. Noble will  because the practice is quite progressive plus we have an excellent relationship. They have a new veterinarian,  Gary Stuer, DVM, CVA, CVCHM , who specializes in Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture and in addition to owning his own practice, works with PVS one day a week. After hanging up with Dr. Plechner I knew there was more work ahead. After some reflection my strategy was to submit my request to Dr. Noble in writing, much as one would submit a proposal. I tried to keep it specific, factual and keep my emotional thoughts out. I also included several of Dr. Plechner’s papers that I thought would be relevant. I don’t need to tell you that when she called me several days later to say she was willing to try the Plechner Protocol I was ecstatic. I finally began to see a possible glimmer of light down what seemed like a very long, dark tunnel. In closing, a video of Dan Murphy’s little guy Beanie on his one year anniversary . Enjoy!

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.

💜Next up ~ stem cell therapy day!💜distinct2



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