This post is to recap the yesterdays stem cell therapy and show pictures of the areas where Sasha had the adipose tissue harvested from her abdomen plus both knees where the Platelet Rich Plasma (RPR) was injected by a team orthopedic. She had such a long day on Tuesday plus a nearly 3 hour ride home that I wanted her to spend her first day relaxing, sleeping ~ whatever she wanted with the exception of going outside to walk around.

As I left off in my last post, she was totally exhausted on the way home last night. We carried her up the deck steps and I remember being surprised to see her stand and take a few steps on her own. Then she laid down in the great room and went to sleep on a comfy pillow as soon as we arrived home but it was somewhat of a power nap because soon she stood on her own to eat. She then laid in the great room watching ( since she’s blind I guess I should phrase it as looking in my direction) take pictures of her pretty face and as I snapped away I could see first one eye close then the other. She was out!   She hadn’t gone potty since this we left the house early that morning but she also didn’t eat or drink all day until we arrived home. We  tried getting her up but she wouldn’t budge. My daughter and I  both slept in the great room  planned to set the alarm every 2 hours but she wound up going outside about 12 am so we set it for 3:30 am. Both times she went out on a leash (which she has never liked), went potty so mission accomplished. She slept later than normal for her but got up around 10 am and ate very well then outside for potty.

She’s still confused by her blindness which honestly? It killed me ~ it really did. However that’s the next medical journey I was undertaking. I had no intention of closing down Command Central because while Sasha’s body began to heal, I was forging ahead with how we could best help her SARDS. Prior to the SCT yesterday, they drew blood for the  complete endocrine panel (EI1) which was sent overnight to NVDS in TX where the only lab in the US that processes this particular type of test is located. The results should be available the beginning of next week and if they show what we expect, her internist in Portland will collaborate with the veterinarian in CA and Sasha will be on a medication and dietary protocol aimed at correcting adrenal exhaustion and immunoglobulin suppression. In short, finding an endocrine imbalance and re-regulating her immune system. Phew!


Done with the science and on to the photos. Since I took them with my iPhone, I forgot which knee was which but they both looked the same. They had been shaved to facilitate the RPR injections and even now, over 4 months later, her fur has not completely grown back. Her front right upper foot was also shaved where the IV catheter was inserted. Then of course her abdomen where the adipose tissue was harvested from and closed with (9) staples.

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💜Next up ~ monitoring for signs of improvement💜

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. Please subscribe to her channel for all new videos.

2 thoughts on “Sasha’s First Day After Stem Cell

  1. I think she did really well. I don’t know a whole lot about stem cell for humans or animals but with the procedure, the long travel time and she’s older – yeah I think she handled it all extremely well


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