Sasha was part of a litter whose parents were German imports. I won’t go into specific  breed detail other than the color was Black and Red and they were from a working line. It was a first litter for the breeder and my first time purchasing a dog, let alone a purebred. All the dogs who have blessed my life have been rescues ~ either adopted from shelters or found as stray puppies by my children. Once I decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of owning a GSD I committed to a female and gave a deposit. The wife invited me over to watch the puppies. She took excellent care of them; recording weights, food intake ~ the whole enchilada. very impressive. There was (1) each female and male puppy not spoken for as they approached the (8) week mark and I briefly thought of getting both females but came to my senses. I did however have an extremely difficult time deciding between Pink and Yellow (the color of the ribbons around their necks). After much internal debate I chose Yellow and named her Inga Patrice. An extremely prominent local couple purchased Pink and named her Shasta. I was happy because I knew they were in a financial position to ensure her needs were met and she’d have a happy, full life. I remember how they frequently called me to ask questions and couldn’t figure out why as I was a novice. Inga and I were “growing” together. It was apparent from the start however that the couple wanted her as a docile replacement for their recently deceased 15 yr old GSD.  Given a GSDs high energy, drive and focus plus her young age factored in. acquiescence was not in the cards. They  seemed almost obsessed that she would groom herself by licking and took her to several veterinarians to see if she had urinary tract problems. I knew about it because they still continued to call me with updates. I should add that prior to purchasing our puppies I didn’t know this couple at all. When the “girls” were about (5) months old I learned that Shasta was going to the same doggy daycare as Inga, only with much more frequency/duration whereas Inga only went once a week to increase her socialization because I only had (1) other dog, Callie. Callie Ann was a 2-year-old black lab/GSD mix, about 70# and a big chicken. I should add that at this point I firmly believed Shasta was not a “good fit” and regretted not taking her. For example if she  ripped up a tissue they put her in the closet. She had no toys that I knew of. She wasn’t trained with the exception of housebreaking and her only socialization was at doggy daycare. She had such high drive and intense focus that she would amuse herself by playing with a ball or chasing her tail. So sad. When the girls were about (7) months old I was at work one night when it struck me that I hadn’t heard from the couple in a few weeks. That was a first so in my spare time I called and the wife answered. After exchanging a few small pleasantries I asked how Shasta was only to be told that she’d been hit by a car in the street in front of their house (luckily it was going slow so although she was thrown a distance there were no serious injuries). How could this happen? They had a beautiful large home with a fenced in rear yard! I immediately asked what the vet said only to be told they hadn’t taken her. This! From a couple who had her poked and prodded because they thought she licked herself too much! I will never forget the next part. I asked the woman how Shasta was acting; did she seem like anything was wrong? Her response? “Well she’s been pretty mellow the past few days. Too bad she can’t get hit more often”, followed by a hideous laugh!  It was at that moment when I KNEW I had to get her away from them. They had *hinted* in the past that she might be happier with me so I pursued it. They would call me in desperation because she’d torn an envelope or some such nonsense but by the time I arrived to get her they changed their minds. So I developed a plan (we all need one right?). I found the type of contact I needed online and printed it out. It was straightforward in that they were relinquishing all rights to her upon signing and it was irrevocable. I completely filled it in and had a notary on board. The next time they called I was ready. I called the notary, we met at their house and before they coud change their minds the document was signed and notarized. I asked for her personal belongings user the guise of not eating her to feel “homesick”, she had nothing. Zero! Zilch! They had ever even taken a single  picture of her in all that time. She was wearing their deceased dog’s collar that had an extra hole punched in so to fit her neck as well as the deceased dogs leash. They hadn’t even followed through with her AKC registration.  As we drove away towards her new life I realized that having social prominence and a hefty portfolio doesn’t guarantee a moral compass. I also knew she needed a new name!

💜Next up ~ new name, new  life!💜

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. Please subscribe to her channel for all new videos.

8 thoughts on “Baby (Insert Name)…..Part 1

  1. Omg what jerks! I don’t typically categorize ppl based on any one thing but I’ve run across many wealthy people that were just so nasty and uncaring. So glad you got her.

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