I had a feeling she hadn’t really bonded with anyone except for Caitlin, the owner of the doggy daycare. Still, I didn’t want to confuse her by renaming her with something extremely different from “Shasta”. I thought about names that rhymed or sounded similar and decided on Sasha. Many years ago in NJ a veterinarian’s office asked if I was from the south because of my penchant for giving my animals middle names. I’m not southern ~ just like them having a first, middle and last name.

Ta da ~ Sasha Clarice has arrived!

*At the time I was feeling particularly clever as Inga’s middle name is Patrice.*

Sasha's Firt NYW

As I wrote in Sasha’s About page, I made a huge mistake by bringing her directly into the house because Inga immediately tried to establish dominance and attacked poor Sasha. Poor Sasha’s first night was marred by a vet visit. I assumed that because they played so well together at doggy daycare Inga would be happy. Wrong! Took a lot of work in learning to recognize their body language especially Inga’s alpha traits and even then we had several more fights. Since they were both such high energy, driven dogs I found an outlet for them ~ Schutzhund. The (3) of us would make it a weekend plus we eventually had an A-frame built in our back. Schutzhund offered excellent training and competition plus it gave them an outlet both mentally and physically. It also enabled the (3) of us to form an extremely close bond. We only went a few times monthly  because of the distance but both girls did exceptionally well. All of their commands are in German which we still use daily.

It was sweet to watch Sasha as she “learned” about her new home. I watched her as she watched Inga and Callie. Her head would bob as she followed what they were doing, discovering where the water bowls were, the toy baskets and the back door. It was almost bittersweet and made her more endearing. Both my cat and I were  also quite happy to learn that Sasha was not cat aggressive.

Stoney, Inga & Sasha
Inga, Sasha & Stoney
Sasha's First NYE
Ahaaa! The water bowl!

As fall turned into winter The Germs (my name for them) had fun hiking with me in the woods and a real blast in the snow. Sasha LOVES anything remotely related to water and flying snow definitely falls under the category. We have to keep her inside when my husband uses the snowblower as she attempts to bite the shoot.

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Sasha’s official resume (not that she’s job hunting but good to keep them current) is:

Angel Von den Westlichen Bergen

*Queen of Sticks

*Resident Water Baby

*Tracker Extraordinaire

*Can Scale 6′ Fence in a Single Attempt

*BH, SchH1/IPO1, SchH2/IPO2 

💜Next up ~ endocrine test results💜

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. Please subscribe to her channel for all new videos.



7 thoughts on “Sasha Clarice Here ~ Part 2…

    1. It is a wonderful sport Andy! I was hesitant at first as some people said it was meant for working dogs but it isn’t. I really enjoyed taking The Germs plus it helped with Inga’s “alpha” issues. Sasha was a natural as she was scaling 6′ fences prior to starting Schutzhund. When she had the FCE she was almost a Sch3. Great camaraderie among all the handlers too. Thx!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. She’s beautiful! And Inga! How tall are they? Erin is 28 inches at the shoulder- your girls look quite big. Just curious to see the difference between U.S. GSD’s and U.K. ones…They are such “thinking” dogs it was a great idea to take them to agility- lovely post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I will have to measure as I actually forgot. Sasha is taller than Inga yet leaner. Of the two Sasha was always more athletic. As I responded to Andy above, she was scaling 6′ fences prior to beginning Schutzhund. She was also fairly good at the rudimentary tracking I did with her. When she joined our family poor girl had no socialization other than daycare and definitely no 1:1 time. That’s how I began training her to track, while I took her on solo hikes so we could bond. She is a lovable dog but has the aloofness that’s one of the breed traits. Inga on the other hand is more sociable.
      As always thanks!

      Liked by 3 people

  2. The info I have is the breed standard is females 22-24”
    males 24-26” but just like people that can vary. I think it also depends if they are bred from working lines as I believe the breed standard is more for showing. If I read correctly Inga & Sasha are working dog lines so I wouldn’t expect them to be very tall from ground to withers.


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