After Sasha’s initial evaluation on March 8 by her neurosurgeon, Dr. Alan Potthoff (he treated her FCE in 2011), he felt she had Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) which is the canine version of ALS. I *thought* her parents had been tested but also knew that advanced DNA tests were available so agreed to have Sasha tested. In my heart however I didn’t believe she had DM because her left rear affected leg had never completely returned to normal following the FCE. After thinking about it for a day  I decided to shoot short video clips of Sasha every few days so that I’d have something visual to look back on and gauge her knuckling. Since the clips were primarily 15 or 20 seconds in length, today elected to put some of the clips together and upload them. I made 2 videos; each one is a collection of snippets from the weeks following her appointment with Dr. Potthoff until the first week of April.

As I looked at them I started thinking of how much fun she was having in the snow whether playing with Inga or Dixie or wandering the snowy trails with me. We made trips to town in the car, she got along great with my young grand.  Looking at the videos was difficult for me because I was uploading it (6) months after Sasha’s medical odyssey began. I can’t help but wonder if someone, anyone, had listened to me when I repeatedly asked about a boot or adaptive device for her rear left leg she could have been saved so much. That leg has been the proverbial problem child since her paralyzing FCE in 2011. Because she was treated by a neurosurgeon the same day followed by months of PT, she regained 85-90% of her previous function. She could no longer compete in Schutzhund but who cared? She had a rich full life and remained active all year round; swimming, playing ball, and accompanying me on hikes and snowshoeing. She excelled at tracking and you could see her body react when told to Voran! Now because of the SARDS she has a somewhat diminished sense of smell. I’m just so unsettled and full of questions that I know I’ll never have answered.

I guess hindsight truly is 20/20.     ⬅︎

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I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. Please subscribe to her channel for all new videos.

💜Next up ~ supplements and stuff💜

4 thoughts on “And So It Comes…Self Doubt

  1. Definitely DO NOT blame yourself. From reading this blog (which is very addictive) anyone can see how much time, energy, money, research and most of all love you have for Sasha. If anyone bears responsibility it’s the professionals we trust to treat out dogs and instead get a caviler attitude. Her boots for example. I can’t believe that neither of the specialists answered your question about them yet you discover they’re widely used.


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