As I said in a previous post,  I really liked the integrative veterinarian, Dr. Stuer. It’s a different route for Sasha but one I believe will bring her closer to wellness.  You know those strong feelings you get? Deep inside? When you “know” you’ve made the right choice? After all this time and money, I inherently know that this direction is the best one for her. Of course Drs. Stuer and  Noble will be collaborating as Dr. Noble treats Sasha’s PFD plus she took a leap of faith when she agreed to try the Plechner Protocol.  With these two gifted veterinarians who have similar yet at the same time, different approaches, I believe it’s a recipe for success. Time will tell…..

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some abnormal lab results Sasha had. When Dr. Noble agreed to implement the Plechner Protocol, it was with the caveat that in addition to the EI1 tests which evaluate hormonal levels, she would also do periodic labs to ensure that Sasha’s organs were functioning properly. That only made me respect her  more because it demonstrated that above all, she had Sasha’s well-being in mind. In mid to late June Sasha’s liver enzymes jumped to an extremely high level. In hindsight I don’t think anyone knows the exact reason. Perhaps it was the steroid therapy, the Adequan injections or a combination of the two. To play it safe I asked for an abdominal ultrasound which was done on June 27 by Dr Noble at Portland Veterinary Specialists. I’m happy to say it was completely normal. Initially Dr. Noble gave me Denamarin, a supplement that supports and promotes liver health. However we soon realized it contains milk thistle, which unfortunately has phytoestrogens; contraindicated in her SARDS protocol. Sasha was scheduled to see Dr. Stuer later in the week and we made the decision to let him prescribe an alternative. We discussed options while he did her acupuncture treatment  that Thursday and he had some wonderful suggestions. Since one of the ingredients of Denamarin is SAM-e, he recommended giving her 400 mg of that once daily He also prescribed (which he has in-house) a Chinese herbal tablet called Xiao Chai Hu Tang tabs. She gets 2 tabs twice a day. They kept monitoring her liver enzymes and each time they  dropped lower until finally they were in an acceptable range. She’s still on both the SAM-e and the Chinese herb ~ just because.

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I am more convinced than ever that this is the right direction for her and that the acupuncture will enhance the benefits she’s received from her SCT. As I previously posted, her left rear foot knuckling is a residual effect from her neuro event in 2011. The SCT however addressed her arthritis which will increase her strength and improve her mobility.  I hope that once the new boots arrive, she will have even better mobility. Because of these factors, Dr. Stuer is focusing the acupuncture on her spine. You may recall that during her initial evaluation by him he noted that her spine was warm till mid-point where it then became cool. That means her blood flow is less than ideal towards her lower back and tail region. Hopefully the acupuncture will stimulate the flow which will have a domino effect on the rest. Sasha was very relaxed today, so much so that she dozed off during acupuncture. This was amazing as Dr.Steur had inserted needles into the far tip of her tail which he said is an extremely sensitive area. Seeing her this way was a gift! I didn’t video much as I was busy asking questions. Sometimes I lay on the floor with her because if she hears a dog bark in the waiting room she goes into “watch” mode. By being on the floor I can easily keep her from jumping up which could dislodge the needles. While down there I took a short video of the needles in place which I linked to in my first Dr. Stuer post. In the beginning you see the needles in the end of her tail. When the acupuncture was complete, Dr. Steur massaged the area then she had a laser treatment. She was scheduled for one final laser treatment in Portland but I cancelled it because as I previously wrote, they were doing it in a room without me. That, coupled with the long turnpike drive, caused Sasha severe stress whereas the ride to Bethel is shorter, beautiful and I’m in the treatment room with her. A win win!

Does this picture confuse you as much as it does me? If so, don’t quit your day job!


I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.

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6 thoughts on “A Summer of Supplements…

    1. And the beauty of the Chinese herbs is that they were manufactured in the USA.Initially I was concerned because there have been so many recalls on pet treats that were manufactured in China so I had to ask..

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      1. Yes…we’re just getting the details of the awful petfood thing here now…I mean, diseased zoo animals in petfood?!! Mum cooks for her dog, friends with the local butcher which helps. I’m in the process of trying to change my cats over..
        Definitely better to be safe than sorry, especially with Sasha’s diet and supplements etc.

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  1. I cringe whenever I get another email telling of a recall. I tried home feeding (BARF) but working 12 hr shifts with a long commute ~ it just didn’t work out. Perhaps if my dogs were smaller but I had 3 large ones so more food required.

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    1. The acupuncture chart hurts my eyes – it’s so bright! Lol. I take supplements and we give the dogs some too. If you go in the cities many have Chinese shops where the owner will make you up something g after you tell him what your problem is,


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