Great visit for Sasha’s acupuncture and laser treatment ~ for many reasons. Most of all because her vision switch was turned on and stayed on for quite some time. She didn’t want to stay down for the treatments because she wanted to walk around and LOOK! At the start of the visit Dr. Stuer noticed that as he entered the exam room that she looked directly at him. He commented several times during acupuncture that she was really focusing on the room. He also told me that Sasha “feels” better to him than from previous visits.  Because Dr. Stuer practices both Western and Eastern medicine, he has an extremely intuitive nature which as we all know is sometimes hard to define using words. Dr. Stuer always checks her eyes at each visit.   So excited to report that she continues to have PLRs (pupils reacting to light). Her pupils are reacting the same and perhaps a bit better than last week. Her left pupil has a quicker response than her right which really isn’t significant. I’ve noticed at home that her “light switch” seems to stay on more frequently. The vision she’s regaining is distant which is what returns first. Near vision will be restored last. Sasha is proof that retinal tissue can be regenerated as long as certain criteria is met i.e. initiating treatment as soon as possible after onset of vision loss, confirming that the vision loss is indeed SARDS. and having your veterinarian follow Dr. Al Plechner, DVM’s protocol as he developed it. If there are arbitrary deviations made by the veterinarian doing the treatment without collaborating and discussing the change with Dr. Plechner, your dog runs the risk of not regaining his/her vision. It’s a process ~ I won’t tell you it’s not. But one that after careful and extensive research I was prepared to undertake for Sasha even if it meant only partial return of her vision. And if it didn’t work? I’d love her the same.

July 21, 2016
Dr Stuer Checks Sasha’s Eyes

After he left the room  Jeanne, a super friendly and capable technician, came in to do the laser treatment and as soon as she saw Sasha she said how focused she seemed. Then during the treatment Jeanne commented again that Sasha was acting better and seemed brighter. Since I’ve previously posted acupuncture videos I decided to record the laser therapy today. Unfortunately it ended abruptly because Sasha started to get up. She was simply in the mood to explore which continued even after we arrived home, 1.5 hours later. As I started to explain to Jean before I stopped recording, the vision return is like a light switch being turned on ~ and then flicked on & off intermittently. Eventually it stays on longer and longer. Today seems to be a day when Sasha’s switch was on for a longer period of time. I can’t find the words to express how happy I am. To watch Sasha interact with her Inga as we entered the house was simply priceless…

All of the outdoor pictures are taken with my iPhone. Here’s a comparison of taking Sasha to Portland via the turnpike as opposed to the country roads leading to Bethel.

Maine Turnpike
Maine Turnpike
July 2016

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.


💜Next up ~ Countdown to Boot Day💜
















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