Sasha’s life had  its share of ups and downs the past week so I was really pleased that with the exception of some swelling, her foot abrasions were healing nicely. She had a great visit with Dr. Gary Stuer  at Bethel Animal Hospital (except when she showed teeth when he drew blood ~ huge surprise)! He needed to check her liver enzymes (which had been elevated) and they’d dropped significantly to where they were now within  normal range. Needless to say we were both happy! He said the abrasions on her left rear foot looked good and agrees with me that no river until completely healed. Since she has some soft tissue swelling from those abrasions, the marvelous Jeanne did some laser therapy to her foot when she did Sasha’s spine. Not sure if I mentioned but when Sasha first began acupuncture with Dr. Stuer, he told me he was going to take a slow approach ~ amping it up a bit each visit. Today he put needles in the bottom of her paws which he said typically hurt but Stoic Sasha never flinched! We talked about the urinary incontinence she had last weekend and he thinks it was related to her medication increase. He also agrees that keeping her at the 8 mg dose of Medrol is best.

Saving the best for last!

Sasha’s vision seems to be returning at warp speed! She visited her integrative veterinarian, Dr. Gary Stuer,  for acupuncture and this occurred when we entered the exam room:

  • immediately sat in the sun
  • squinted from sun
  • looked at Dr. Stuer when he talked to her
  • followed his arm
  • her pupils reacted to his exam light
  • following treatment stood up & walked around room w/o bumping into anything
  • Sasha’s mom <——–dumbstruck

I also thought she’s been walking better lately. My initial research regarding stem cell therapy (SCT) indicated optimal results usually at the 3 month mark which for Sasha will be July 26. I hadn’t shared any of this with Dr. Stuer yet but he commented as she walked across his rather large waiting area and into the treatment room that she was walking much better. He said it was the first thing he noticed. I’m excited! We both agree that getting the correct boot for her is going to have even more of a positive effect.

Sasha had a great day today! She actually ate both meals without any prompting which is major as lately she’s been quite the picky eater. When we were outside earlier you could see her eyes focus on the distant part of the yard. It’s amazing because when she “sees” the entire expression on her face changes and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it is  to watch her. After dinner I took her out and a “first” happened; she squatted all the way down to tinkle. It will be 11 weeks since her stem cell therapy so if her improvement is as expected, she’s right on target. The only downside to this wonderful day is her left rear foot. The severe abrasions she sustained on the asphalt a week ago were healing nicely as she walks and plays ball on the soft grass or dirt. Today however she must have knuckled on an errant stone because she abraded the almost healed areas. They’re not as bad as when she first injured herself but it still makes me sad. I will be extremely happy when her custom boots are done because all of us involved in her care feel they’re  going to make a huge improvement.

Around 3pm this week all of our cell phones began squawking with an emergency alert advising of a tornado warning. I don’t believe we had an actual tornado, but 10 minutes later the sky opened and a torrential downpour began accompanied by heavy winds and a dark sky. There were large pieces of hail that you could actually see as they pelted the windows. Between that and the thunder my normally stoic Sasha became edgy (no doubt because of the SARDS) and came to lay beside the chair where I was sitting. Since her doggy music relaxes her at night, I immediately put one of her playlists  ⬅︎ on Spotify. You can see the results.


You may recall a previous post where I wrote the drive we make to Dr. Stuer for Sasha’s acupuncture and laser is shorter than driving to Portland. It’s also extremely beautiful . Just took this ~so serene!




4 thoughts on “A Good Week…

  1. Thanks Samantha. I’m “almost” caught up as I just brought her into August. Just wish I could get more ppl interested. She had 200+ followers on FB but it wasn’t the venue I prefer.

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  2. It’s a joy to follow her progress. I feel that you might be burning the candle at both ends in order to bring her blog current . Don’t worry you’ll get caught up. Really like the way you combine her pictures with the beautiful scenery.

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