I want the next few days to fly because on Saturday, July 9 I’m meeting Lucas Argrew, the shoemaker, at the local Farmers’s Market. According to the newspaper, he has a booth set up alongside the people who sell produce and home-baked goods.

I’ve written about Sasha’s dietary restrictions. After starting with The Honest Kitchen Brave, she went on a hunger strike after a bit and we switched to Acana Wild Atlantic which so far is working for her. It’s pricey but by using auto-ship with Chewy  I save. Plus their delivery time is phenomenal. I am having some difficulty sticking to the treats that are allowed for Sasha which is basically mozzarella cheese that I buy in a bag of  he single serving sticks at BJ’s. I’m a little sad (not nearly as sad as Sasha I’m sure) because she LOVES deer antlers. They are locally obtained in the woods by a gentlemen so I’m confident they’re natural. Unfortunately, antlers contain estrogen which is taboo when a dog is on the Plechner Protocol for SARDS.  I went back and forth with Dr. Plechner and he agreed that in lieu of the antlers she could have marrow bones ,often called soup bones or dog bones depending on your market. Her jaws are so strong that I’ve seen her break the bone. The bite force of a dog is measured in PSI, pounds per square inch. A German Shepherd can have a bite force of 238 pounds or more, depending on their age, size and temperament.

Because of all the recalls of commercial dog treats that were manufactured in China, I stopped buying any treats in 2015 and started giving the dogs carrots or pieces of fresh fruit. Their absolute favorite however are dehydrated sweet potato slices. I have a dehydrator from my attempted AT hike so I bought a mandoline, sliced the sweet potatoes, parboil, then follow by an ice bath. Then I dehydrate. I do really large batches so it usually turns into a 2 day job.

Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes
Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes

Only one component left; her new boots. I’ve held off taking her to the river all summer because of the rocky river bed. She loves the water ~ more than any dog I’ve ever had. Also, because there isn’t an animal physical therapist in our area at all, she isn’t able to get hydro-therapy, a huge benefit for dogs like her. So I rely on the next best thing, walking her in the river for a period of time to engage her leg muscles, especially the quadriceps. I tell her “Exercise before play” ~ which of course goes right over her head. This summer is the first one that she hasn’t spent at least 3 afternoons swimming and it feels really odd.

We received the results of her most recent EI1 test this week and based on her levels, she has to increase her once daily oral Medrol (a steroid) from 8 mg to 10 mg so I began the higher dose Thursday evening. I know that it can cause increased thirst and urination so we’ll all have  to monitor her water intake.



I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.

💜Next up ~ Boot Day Arrives💜

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