I’m a bit of a vampire because I don’t keep lamps or ceiling lights turned on at night; just a table lamp where I’m sitting. However I’ve noticed Sasha staring at the ceiling light in the kitchen or track lights in the great room so now I keep the house lit up at night so that she can “focus” on the bright lights. Wish you could see the look on her face ~ gosh I love this girl! What a fighter! 

I also wanted to share an interview I did with Inga earlier in the month. Unfortunately,  I don’t think Anderson Cooper will be calling her anytime soon.

Sasha’s new week started off very well and continues despite the oppressive heat. She walks more and more each day although I try to keep it balanced until her custom boot is ready. All it takes is a one hard episode of knuckling on an errant stone and one of the foot abrasions from the parking lot episode (July 9) scrapes open. Thankfully her early morning  channeling of Niagara Falls inside the house has stopped. Sasha LOVES being outside in the bright sun because she’s able to see things in the distance. I know she doesn’t have near vision return yet but she is after all a work in progress (WIP). She’s happier too because she’s resumed a favorite activity since her puppy years ~ balls accompanied by barking. She might take a bit to find it when it rolls away but eventually she does and resumes play. It seems like years instead of only 3 months ago that she would bang into the concrete bird bath. She’s come so far and overcome so much!

For the most part Sasha had a good visit with Dr. Stuer for acupuncture and laser ~ until she saw the blanket. Being a die hard Yankees fan, Sasha didn’t want to sit on it. I told Dr. Stuer if he keeps putting a Red Sox blanket down Sasha will wear a yarmulke and sit shiva on it. That’s a 7 day thing!

I think Sasha might need counseling as she’s still upset about being on a Red Sox blanket yesterday. She told me next week she’s wearing her Derek Jeter bandana to acupuncture.

As I was transferring the funny Red Sox pictures to my laptop,  some of the other pictures I took, especially one,  jumped out at me. It appears Sasha is focusing on something and whatever it is it’s not distant. You may recall that in the SARDS protocol the distance vision is the first to return followed by the near vision. 

Sasha July 28 2016
Sasha ~ July 28
Sasha July 28, 2016
Sasha ~ July 28

In closing, I’m usually photo happy but I’ll spare you the last part of yesterday’s trip which I’ve dubbed  “Sasha’s Poop-A-Looza”. Because of the dietary restrictions in the successful treatment of Sasha’s SARDS, her treats are limited to basically string cheese. Someone who shall remain nameless has been over indulgent in dispensing them. We were about 2 miles from home and you guessed it! I can honestly say that’s the first I’ve ever had any dog poo in my car, let alone a Poop-A-Looza!! Poor Sash looked mortified but if our roles were reversed I don’t think I could have *ahem* contained myself either! The human cheese dispenser was duly warned.

tumblr_lp85mghbce1qiga09o1_500I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.

💜Next up ~ a new month💜

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