Ushered in August on a much better note as it’s a normal summer day for a change. No oppressive heat or humidity although I think it’s going to rain shortly. I was feeling rather  pensive on August 1 so recorded myself describing some of the challenges Sasha faces:

A Dog Mom’s Mutterings On A Summer Day

I started writing, first on Facebook then transitioned to a blog, so I could  chronicle Sasha’s medical journey. At the time I had no idea she would develop other health issues but as anyone who follows her knows, I write about them as well. I post the positives like her recovering vision to the not so positives ~ my carpet. Because that’s what real life, with or without an animal, peaks and valleys . We also live in the world of the electronic spectrum. When I was a child one went to the Encyclopedia Britannica (which by the way is online now) to research something. Now  we simply jump on a computer. What’s germane however is to make sure your resource is a reputable one because there’s an entire world online and not everything is accurate. I personally go to veterinary hospital/school sites for medical information. Having said that, I also like to view blogs, YouTube and Facebook pages that are about other dogs with the same issues because it helps me to visualize the dog in a home environment as opposed to a clinical setting. So I wanted to make  Sasha’s Journey public because if just one pet owner is helped by seeing her photos or videos then I’m happy.

Sasha August 2, 2016
August 2, 2016

Sasha is incredibly blessed because she has such wonderful medical professionals on her team. Her internist and BFF, Dr. Sarah Noble, genuinely cares about her. You can see Sasha perk up and radiate contentment whenever Dr. Noble enters the room. Her next cheerleader is Dr. Gary Stuer, certified in both Veterinary Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, who has displayed  such kindness and gentle compassion to Sasha (even though she showed teeth ~ but just once). Finally there is Dr. Plechner who ironically is located on the West Coast while we are on the East. Opposite ends of the country yet he has been there every step of Sasha’s SARDS journey. Cantankerous? Without a doubt! Difficult to communicate with at times? You betcha! However if I’d spent years researching and developing a theory that has proven to work yet shunned by my peers, I might be cantankerous as well. Dr. Noble collaborated with him for Sasha’s treatment by using a protocol that HE researched and developed. Many in his profession believe he is too controversial but I say this; it was  controversial pioneers that gave us many of the medical standards (both human and animal) in today’s world. Bottom line, Dr. Plechner’s theories made sense. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle. As a healthcare professional I researched SARDS, his protocol for treating it, and spoke with owners of dogs whose vision returned after using his treatment plan. At the end of the day I knew it was an opportunity I wanted to give Sasha but accepted that, like anything in life, there were no guarantees. Drs. Noble, Stuer and Plechner care about their patients, viewing them as a sentient beings as opposed to Patient #936. With heroes like that in her corner along with  her own innate spirit, Sasha has a sure-fire recipe for success. Most of all, she is loved and that will never change.

Like her Mom, Sasha ONLY drives a manual transmission

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.

💜Next up ~  boot day quickly approaches💜

2 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer Have Arrived…

  1. Looks like everything is starting to come together for Sasha. She deserves it and so do you for not giving up on her. But how could you since you both drive standards !

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