I am so excited! On Saturday, August 6 we went to the Farmer’s Market and met with Lucas Argrew of Beyond Shoe Repair.  Sasha got her custom water boots! We hit one tiny snag in that when he initially measured her she didn’t have the abrasions on her left rear foot so it wasn’t swollen. However even though the abrasions are healing (especially since I switched to Calendula ointment), her foot still has some soft tissue swelling. Because the water boots aren’t  lined both Lucas and I felt that the canvas type material could rub against the healing abrasions which could possibly cause them to open. Plus the swelling made it difficult to get the left boot on with a sock. He tried but couldn’t get the boot on over her sock. I have thinner socks at home so I’m going to see how it works using them and if still a tight fit, I’m going to have Lucas make her another boot (Lord knows I have enough boots in her Boot Emporium) specifically for the left foot ~  only this one he’s going to make bigger.

The whole environment at the Farmer’s Market that day was a bit surreal. People were milling about and asking questions of both Lucas and me. Even the people who had the booth next to his were answering questions as they were there when I came to have her measured so familiar with her story. A woman from NY who was vacationing in Maine picked up on my accent and started talking to me. After a few minutes she left. The next thing I knew she was back and pressing some money in my hand saying that she couldn’t imagine how much I’d spent on Sasha and she wanted to make a little contribution as she was an animal lover. I was already crying at the site of Sasha walking around the parking lot with my daughter and not knuckling or falling once. Her simple act of kindness was so genuine and touching that my tear flow increased even more.

The rest of this post is visual as sharing the videos can explain everything better tha I can. I didn’t even get a photo that day as I was too busy alternating between being flabbergasted and crying.

First we started off with Lucas explaining Sasha’s custom water boots and then putting them on her.

Lucas actually took these photos of her walking because I was overwhelmed.

Later at home after I’d regrouped I did a quick video to describe the features of the water boots.

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.

Sasha loves her boots! ⬅︎

💜Next up ~ do they work for her?💜





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