Now that we have Sasha’s custom water boots, this first week will be a  “trial and error” period. I mentioned in my last post about the monkey wrench that entered the equation when the boot wouldn’t go on her swollen foot. I’m trying it with an extremely thin, almost nylon sock to see if that enables it go on easier. Worst case scenario I’ll get a larger water boot for her left rear foot next Saturday. Since her abrasions aren’t 100% healed, even if I can get the existing boot to fit comfortably, I still won’t take her in the river. It seems so strange as all the dogs spend several hours swimming and enjoying water play at least 3 times a week during the summer since ~ forever. I won’t take the others though if Sasha can’t go; it just wouldn’t be right. Since we can’t go for “River Fun” the cover photo for todays post is the area of the river that’s adjacent to my property therefore private for us.

I’m going to start with a short video that is a perfect example of what knuckling is. Please read the comment section of the YouTube video as it goes into more detail ~ not just about this particular video but what I’m writing next.

The boot is not meant to stay on all day. When Sasha enters the house we remove it, make sure her foot is ok and put on a pair of non-skid dog traction socks that Lucas also altered in size for me. The next few times Sasha went out I used her new custom boot. Then early afternoon I noticed this:

August 8, 2016
Area above Sasha’s hock

I had her come inside and immediately removed the boot. I checked her leg and then the boot and decided the reddened area above her hock was due to the edge of the custom boot. I cleansed it and applied the Calendula ointment.

I sent Lucas an email asking if the edge could be trimmed down somehow or perhaps wrapped. I decided in the interim to use her old boots instead.


I went back outside with Sasha again that afternoon to play ball and take another quick video (no wonder my iPhone 5S died ~ I videod it to death).  It was after I took the video and sitting on the ground with her that I noticed this:

All of a sudden it hit me.  It wasn’t the rim of her new boot causing the redness and now bleeding. As I described earlier, when she knuckles, her rear legs intertwine causing her to fall down. Instead of a plop however she sort of slides down onto her rear end with the affected back left leg stretched out in front of her. As soon as I saw the grass stain I realized that when she goes down the sliding motion of the affected leg is causing the area to become irritated ~ not the custom boot wrap above her hock. If you look at the bottom of her foot you can see an old callous that must have developed over time.

Needs to say although it was a setback, it was relatively minor and an easy fix. Everyone had to be on the same page however and always make sure she wore her new custom boot with the knuckling strap because when she’s wearing it she doesn’t knuckle at all. Or if she does, it’s just a slight backward movement of that foot, no intertwining legs and falls. Little did I know that to err on the side of caution, Lucas had a plan formatting in his brain.
I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus and widgets. Please click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.  If you like it, please subscribe.

All in all, I’m feeling good!☚

💜Next up ~ life for a dog with sudden vision loss💜




One thought on “Boots ~The First Week…

  1. I wonder if there’s some sort of skin supplement she could take…that would help heal and “toughen” her skin. I had something for my cat called Yumega but she wouldn’t take it, fairly typically. I think it was salmon oil and vitamin E…could be worth a look x

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