**Sasha’s Journey is about her difficult medical journey and both her struggle to overcome and/or adapt and the treatments involved. I strive to make this only about her but occasionally something involving another dog occurs that is so egregious, so abhorrent, that I feel compelled to blog it here to share with others who have a deep appreciation and love for the dogs who bring such joy to our lives


Daniel Peabody appeared in Cherokee County Superior Court with his attorney on October 13, 2016 where he entered not guilty pleas to (2) counts of aggravated animal cruelty and one count of making a false statement.  A formerCherokee County school officer since 2000 and K-9 handler for the past (5) years, the tall tattooed officer got along well with students and appeared to love his dogs.  According to his LinkedIn profile  provided by Heavy.com (the LinkedIn account has since been deactivated), “Peabody was a Sergeant, Lieutenant and Operations Commander for the Cherokee County School Police Department since August 2000. It also says he has a bachelor’s degree in history, and that he “Cares About” animal welfare.” But hidden behind the tattoos,  jokes and erroneous LinkedIn profile claims lay the epitome of evil, a true monster. Peabody was  indicted in September for the death of his partner, K-9 Inka, a (4) year old Belgian Malinois who assisted Peabody in school law enforcement duties, which included drug detection


He arrived home from work around 4:00pm ET on June 10, 2016 and left K-9 Inka inside an unventilated patrol car, not running hence no air conditioning. The Crown Victoria patrol car also lacked an agency-approved kennel or heat alarm system. Peabody never bothered to check on Inka again until (3) hours later despite the outside temperature hovering at 90 degrees F.  When the idea of checking on his partner, a dog he had personally raised since she was a puppy and whom lived with his family, he found her deceased inside the car with the windows shut. He called  authorities who responded to his home. While speaking with them was Peabody became so distraught over K-9 Inka’s death that he began to hyperventilate and had to be transported to a hospital. He abruptly resigned on June 16 and insiders attributed it to his grief and self-reproach.


The required investigation into K-9 Inka’s death included a necropsy performed by the University of Georgia which indicated Inka died from heat stroke.Then the tale takes a twist as the Cherokee County Marshal’s Office received tips that Inka was NOT the first dog to die in Peabody’s care. Peabody’s former partner was a Golden Labrador,  K-9 Dale, who had been assigned to him between 2007 until Dale’s retirement in 2012 at which time Peabody adopted him. Former K-9 Officer Dale was approximately (6) years old when he retired. Investigators began questioning Peabody who first said Dale died from choking on a tennis ball but eventually admitted to shooting Dale shortly after his retirement because he had an ailment.k9-dale-ga-peobody

He told investigators Dale was buried at his former home in Paulding County, GA. On June 20, armed with a search warrant, investigators unearthed the remains of a dog from Peabody’s former residence which they assumed was Dale due to evidence of a gunshot.


Peabody was arrested on June 22 and charged with animal cruelty in K-9 Inka’s death and with providing a false statement about Dale’s death.  


Next morbid twist; a forensic veterinarian who analyzed the remains found at Peabody’s former house in  Paulding County  determined they were not those of a male Labrador  but a different breed/gender: a female Belgian Malinois. The animal would have been about 10 years old, and possibly Inka’s grandmother.


How this monster eluded detection for so long is both amazing and frightening and to me, indicative of a classic psychopathic disorder. If you read the link provided by Heavy.com you will see that his current wife had an illegal kennel operation and I’ve discovered through other media resources that she has been subsequently charged with several violations stemming from her illegal kennel operation. Yet this human hubris, this pseudo law enforcement officer who tarnishes the badge for honest and responsible officers/ handlers, has the audacity to enter a courtroom yesterday and plead not guilty? To add insult to the memory of these brave K-9 officers, Peabody’s attorney filed a motion to quash the indictment.

In closing I must applaud Cherokee County GA for their aggressive investigation and indictment of Peabody. I commend them because for the past several years Georgia has had the highest rate of K-9 hot car deaths in the country. Finally, in Georgia it is now a felony punishable by up to five years in prison to intentionally kill a K-9, a penalty stiffened in 2015 after a police dog, K-9 Tanja,  an officer with the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, GA. was shot and killed in the line of duty. She had only been on the job for (8) weeks.


K-9 Tanja
EOW June 13, 2014
Walker County Sheriff’s Office, GA
She has gone home to rest for the final time
“Officer Kilo Tanja is 10-42 … Good Girl Tanja”

For now we are left with the burning question ~ where is K-9 Dale’s body? Has Peabody killed so many dogs that he mixed up burial sites?


Retired K-9 Dale
Cherokee County School Police Department, GA
EW 2012 ~ but when?
He has gone home to rest for the final time
“Retired Kilo Dale is 10-42 … Good Boy Dale”



K-9 Inka
EOW June 10, 2016
Cherokee County School Police Department, GA
She has gone home to rest for the final time
“Officer Kilo Inka is 10-42 … Good Girl Inka”


Great synopsis and video of the Peabody horror

The first to sense the hostility of a suspect,
The first to react to protect his master.
The first to enter where danger lurks.
The first to detect the hidden intruder.
The first to take action against violence.
The first to sense his master’s joy.
The first to know his master’s sorrow or fear.
The first to give his life in defense of his master.
The last to be forgotten by those who work with others like him.
They know him as a “Partner,” not just an animal.

**Note** Many media outlets continue to spell the late K-9 Inka’s name as “Inca”. I have verified with Cherokee County that her name was spelled the way I have written it ~ Inka.

8 thoughts on “Daniel Peabody ~ Georgia Cop And Serial Dog Killer

    1. Yes it’s truly wretched. I agree with AndyGSD in that I too was surprised that GA was surprisingly diligent in their investigation and arrest of this predator. GA leads the nation (and has for several yrs) in K9 hot car deaths. I hope that this single a turning point and not simply because they received a tip about Dale. Again my heart aches for all 3 dogs but Peabody wanted Dale sooo much when he was retired at age 6 yet by all news accounts executed him shortly thereafter.
      Tell me Samantha, does your country have such problems with irresponsible K9 handlers? BTW, saw Erin’s photo!! GORGEOUS!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I was just having a look and I can’t seem to find any, the search results just keep bringing up U.S.incidents. However, there were reports of a lot of ordinary owners leaving their dogs in hot cars-we had some unexpected hot weather here, so the R.S. P.C.A. did a massive campaign about what to do. First always call 999, as the R.S.P.C.A. have no powers of entry while the police can break into cars to rescue dogs. The whole issue is so shocking there was quite a big publicity campaign here.
        Lol! Pleased you like Erin 🙂

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    1. Yes he does. Thanks to the skimmed down Tanja’s Law it is a felony punishable by up to 5 yrs in prison. I don’t like how it’s coming out of the gate however as judge seems sympathetic to this serial dog killer’s pleas the he be allowed around dogs.

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  1. He’s a disgusting unhinged rogue & a have to agree that it’s amazing he was able to hide that dark side for so long but as we both know sociopaths are very clever. I am surprised that a sourthern state is aggressively prosecuting as they do have a reputation for downplaying K9 deaths. Again I appreciate your hyperlinks because it allows me to read more. They managed to skim down Tanya’s Law which is a shame but Bette than before. Feel bad for Dale.

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  2. You said the word ~sociopath. Although if hard pressed to break it down as psychopath and sociopath are often used by the mental health profession interchangeably, I would go more with psychopath only because Peabody was able to rise within the PD, appeared educated, pleasant yaddy yaddy where sociopaths are often on the fringe of society, don’t form relationships etc. He’s a sick and evil man no matter how he’s labeled.

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