August passed at a slow leisurely pace. Lucas Agrew from Beyond Shoe Repair was still working on getting just the right fit for Sasha’s custom boots. As I’ve written previously she has toe arthritis in her left foot (poor Sasha ~ what doesn’t she have)  so a boot has to be adjusted to compensate for when that foot swells. It’s a quiet month so far; weekly visits to Bethel Anima Hospital for her combination of acupuncture and laser therapy and meeting with Lucas for readjustments. He has some pictures of her and a video on the shop’s Facebook page.

Her eyes are still reacting to light; some days she has really good vision  and others ~ not too much. And know what? That’s ok. She’s happy and her overall health is improving so that I’ve decided that I’m just going to allow her to have as much down time as she needs. I think the drive to Bethel is long for her but it’s such a lovely, back road trip that we can stop whenever she needs to. Looking back, Sasha never took a lot of long distance car rides until she began having medical issues. Her sister Inga on the other hand has travelled with me to NY, NJ, and MD not to mention all over the state of Maine which is a hefty jaunt no matter which direction I head in as I’m in the middle of the Western Mountains. See the cover picture for today’s post? The mountain in the far distance is my destination ~ that’s where I live. After all these years I’ve never adjusted to everything being soooo far. It’s 16 miles one way to the grocery store which is why I tend to buy in bulk at BJ’s Wholesale Club plus have (2) freezers. Maine is 320 miles long and 210 miles wide and by contrast, New Jersey is 150 miles long and 70 miles wide. See what I mean? So while Inga could ride  in the car all day Sasha was content to make short trips. One time last year she wanted to go when I went to BJ’s (a 110 mile round trip). Poor dog! This really has nothing to do with her current medical issues but just too funny not to share.

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These rank way up in my “All Time Favorite” Sasha photos. Hahahaha

I mentioned above about good vision days vs not so good days and in the picture above you can see she’s looking directly at something (me). That was August 18 which obviously a good vision day.

Sasha is funny  because if she hears a dog in the waiting room she becomes unsettled because she wants to get up to investigate. I’ve written about how good Dr. Stuer is with animals and it’s clearly evident in this short video of her during acupuncture.

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Please click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. If you like it, please subscribe to her channel.

💜Next up ~ count down to custom boots💜


9 thoughts on “Waning Days of August…

    1. Thx! And I’ll be able to write more as well as read better. Have appt w/eye doctor 2 hrs away on Tuesday Nov 1. What a long year it’s been… How goes the no-smoking my friend?

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      1. Yes a long and tiring year, one of definite ups and downs… an up of course, meeting you 🙂

        I hope the eye appointment is helpful, just trying to think if there are any herbal supplements for eye health… sure fish oil can be helpful. Thank you for asking, I am now 59 days smoke free… feeling the health benefits, still missing the habit though lol! 🙂 xxx

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  1. August is a good month to wind down and relax for. summer. Good to read she’s doing so good . Just watched the video that you must upload today. She sure was having fun with that big ball.

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