How do you thank someone who has made such a difference in the life of your beloved dog? Who through perseverance far exceeded a normal paid project and instead, crafted something that dramatically improved your dogs quality of life?

Lucas Argrew, owner of Beyond Shoe Repair in Auburn, Maine went above and beyond a “routine project” when he made Sasha’s boots ~ both the water boots using a pair of commercial dog boots I’d purchased and  her custom boots which he designed from the ground up ~ literally. Little did I know when I first reached out to him what an innovative, creative and gifted artisan he was. I’ve written several times about Lucas taking one of Sasha’s boots back to make a modification; each modification was a tweak because something had popped into his head while trying her boots on. Simply amazing.

When I first contacted Lucas, I wanted something like Rufi’s Boot made for Sasha. When the neurosurgeon thought Sasha had Degenerative Myelopathy  (DM) in March 2016, I joined  a DM group on Facebook in an attempt to get as much information about the disease as possible. Fortunately Sasha’s  DNA Marker Test for DM came back negative but I was allowed, even encouraged, to stay in the group because knuckling is also a problem with DM dogs. DM dogs first need boots to protect their paws when knuckling and as the disease progresses, they also need a doggy wheelchair. I was having difficulty getting a proper fit with any boots I purchased so in desperation one night I asked the group for boo suggestions. They all said Rufi’s Boot. I came to learn that Rufus (Rufi) had a very creative mom, Erica. She bought a pair of commercial dog boots and had a shoemaker reinforce them. I gave pictures of Rufi’s boots to Lucas thinking that would be it. Little did I know  that his creative mind would kick in and surpass my request.

Lucas had made a minor adjustment to one of boots and brought it with him when he came over to our house for the photo shoot with Sun Journal photographer, Daryn Slover.

Sasha was being stubborn ( one of her more common traits)  and wouldn’t walk around the front yard for Lucas or Daryn. She took a short stroll but then sat down. She was done ~ for the time being at least.

Shortly after they left however, Sasha went into the back yard wearing her rockin’, stompin’ boot. Soon she started having the time of her life in her new boot.⬅︎ 🎤

Sasha Speedy # 1 was a bust due to a potty break.

Sasha Intro To Speedy Take #2

Sasha Intro To Speedy Take #3

Sasha ~ Amazing Lucas 

August 24, 2016

Sasha actually seemed a bit disappointed when I removed her boot.

There is no doubt in my mind that were it not for Lucas Argrew, Sasha’s life would not be as good as it is today. No she’ll never do many of the things she did in the past, but she can do so much more than she could earlier this year and that’s whats most important.

Even though Lucas’s creation isn’t the Rufi Boot (I think he should name it), if it wasn’t for the advice and encouragement from the members of the DM group, I never would have known about Rufus or his mom Erica and without that information  never would have sought out Lucas. Sasha and I are so grateful to Lucas and the DM group for giving Sasha her life back.

I’ll close with a video of the first time I removed Sasha’s new custom boot.

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus and widgets. Please click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. If you like it, please subscribe.

💜Next up ~ working the boots💜

5 thoughts on “How Do You Thank Someone Who Brought Such Change To Your Life?

  1. Funny when you posted awhile back about connecting with a shoemaker I visualized an older man but he is clearly young which is great. Not sure about New England but where I live difficult to locate a shoemaker. He’s reviving a much needed service. I have a feeling he knows how thankful you are. Hoping for continued good luck.

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  2. Came back to comment but landed on wrong post. Do you think a shoemaker would try to make a boot like Sasha’s if he had a copy of your pictures? If not do you think your shoemaker could make a boot if he had the dogs foot measurements? Or does it have to be hands on? A woman my wife is very good friends with has a dog that was diagnosed with DM. Isn’t that how you found out about it? Thx. And know its personal so you do t have to answer but approximately how much are a or of custom boots?

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