On August 20, we met Lucas Argrew at the Farmer’s Market for Sasha’s custom boots. Needless to say I was super excited! When I first saw them I was dumbfounded because they were everything I could have hoped for and more; he’d thought of every detail. Once Lucas made sure they fit properly, I had him explain everything because I was afraid I’d forget.⬅︎

While he was explaining the details, Sasha got to meet his dog Fred who was a rescue dog adopted by Lucas and his wife. Fred was a tad bashful at first but he quickly overcame it as you can see. Nary a growl from either dog! Too bad he’s a “younger man” as Sasha IS single you know.

Sasha’s boots once again generated a lot of attention from the market shoppers as many of them stopped to watch and ask questions. As before the people in the booth next to his were able to answer some of the questions since they’d been there from Sasha’s first visit. To be honest I was a bit dazed and once I finished recording Lucas’s explanation/instructions for the boots, I chatted (more like babbled) to Lucas’s wife who is just as nice as he is. Delightful couple and devout animal lovers.

Lucas took one boot back with him for a final adjustment but the other one came home with us. The soles are made of Vibram to ensure a good grip. The inside is lined with a soft material which will eliminate the need for a sock. To accommodate the swelling that occasionally occurs in her rear left foot (the problem child) he made the openings expandable so the boot won’t be snug. He also put several velcro closure straps to ensure they stay on. Lucas put rings on the toe area which are actually integrated into the sole of the boot. This way when the knuckling strap lifts the front of her foot up, it’s not just lifting the end of her toes but rather the whole foot which is more ergonomic. The top wrap/cuff that goes above her hock is lined with sheepskin so it won’t irritate her leg when walking. The knuckling strap attaches to the cuff then to the rings on the boots. The straps are  completely adjustable so if one needs more tension I can add it.

Finally, Sasha’s first walk in the dining area!

Needless to say I am extremely happy! I’ve already asked Lucas to start working on a pair for winter as Sasha loves the snow.

Now that Sasha has boots, all she wants to do is dance!⬅︎ 📢

I’m not a savvy blogger so unsure of menus and widgets. Please click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day.  If you like it, please subscribe.

💜Next up ~ boots of course💜

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