Sasha had her weekly acupuncture today with Dr. Steur followed by laser therapy with Kathy-Jo. It was a very interesting visit to say the least.

August 26, 2016
Sasha Looking Rather Slinky..

Prior to beginning the acupuncture, Dr. Steur always does a hands on examination of Sasha’s body from nose to tail. He always checks her rear leg strength and muscle mass in several ways. Today he looked at me a tad surprised and asked if I’d noticed her rear right leg (the non-affected leg) was stronger. I told him I had not but only because I hadn’t been outside the most with her this week; my husband had. Dr. Steur seemed genuinely pleased and attributed the increased strength to Sasha wearing her new custom boots which Lucas Argrew from Beyond Shoe Repair recently completed. He said because wearing the boot allowed her to walk in a somewhat normal gait (no knuckling), she was relearning to use muscles that hadn’t been stimulated in awhile. It goes back to what I wrote on another video, I can do passive  range of motion exercises to keep her limber but Sasha has to do the active range of motion exercises, especially ones that will increase strength in her quadriceps and hamstrings. And it’s working!

August 26, 2016
Dr. Stuer checking out Sasha’s new custom boot

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💜Next up ~ to wrap the hock or not💜


33 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer…

        1. I am going to give this my best shot. Oh Samantha my vision is so horrid that I’ve become a wreck. The constant headaches alone are enough to drive me batty. Appealed to my PCP and he gave me an rx for a medication that has to be started out at a low dose and titrated up. I dint want to be on a med every day. Darn druggies! Because of them I can’t even get an rx for 15# pain pills. Starting to get depressed over it too as now the original eye surgeon turned my bill over to a collection agency. Like to make a voodoo doll out of him.


        2. Don’t let this get you down. I’m very sad and quite worried about this for you . Hopefully it’s going to get sorted soon – these headaches, are you able to use homeopathic stuff? Might suit you better and they are probably cheaper. I’m sure I’ve heard there is a fish oil supplement that can help with eye trouble, but don’t lose heart, I’m 🙂 sure these issues are going to be resolved 🙂 *hug*

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        3. The migraines I’ve had my whole life from a childhood TBI. Getting Botox for migraine injects every 3 months was a life saver. My neuro announced he was closing practice & going out of state. Only gave one month notice & closed few days before I was due to get 3 month injects in early Sept. Got appt w/new neurologist but not till Dec 2 & he doesn’t give injects till 2nd visit which will prob be Jan. That will make me >6 months overdue. The eyes are separate. Lot of scar tissue on corneas from surgery Oct 15. It can happen so not blaming original doc for it. Blaming him for not making tine to see me in Feb when I began having problems. Even when I pleaded saying I was tripping etc. Said end of July was their earliest. As a nurse AND a patient that’s reprehensible. Been going to him since he opened his practice. And the issue about paying for glasses I couldn’t see out of. I just ended a 4 yr legal battle as you know. I just wanted to relax & not have problems.

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        4. Didn’t know you could get Botox for migraines..mind you, it makes sense because it freezes, doesn’t it? Have you seen those metal spider head massager things? Someone I know swears by hers, she also has a lavender oil roll on thing.
          Will you be able to get laser treament to reduce the scarring? You’ve had a shocking run-surely you’re due for an upturn in life x


        5. I used to wear contacts for fun in late 90’s. You know ~ change my eye color. But I have dry eyes and had to stop. Now however the make ones that are moisturized specifically for dry eyes. Plus I would only wear them during the day,

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        6. I had to wear glasses from about 4 years old-what fun was had by bullies- and as soon as I was old enough I got contacts. Unfortunately, as I wore them so often, it starved my eyeballs of oxygen and I now have “ghost” blood vessels at the back of my eyes that would bleed if I had corrective surgery…

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        7. I actually love wearing glasses and think I look strange w/o them. My son wears contacts but the type you leave in. I don’t think I would like that.
          Yes kids in school can be so cruel

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        8. I’m still sleeping on sofa in downstairs great room because of Sasha (probably m new bedroom). My daughter gets up sometimes in morning and I have the cheater glasses on my face. I ALWAYS wore them at work because I felt they offered my eyes protection from splashes. I went through my “color” phase about 10 years ago but really like black frames the best.


  1. See the profile pic I have up now? With green jacket (the black jacket looked odd against green background so I changed it). Anyway, my daughter took tat right after I left docs last spring from having injects. They are small needles that barely prick. Mostly on scalp. I always said “Don’t feel bad if you slip and give me a few injects on forehead or laugh lines”. He never got my humor though.

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    1. Yes I thought you’d changed it,you look nice 🙂
      Lol…humour…I had to have a steroid injection in my shoulder last week. My doctor didn’t believe just how phobic I was…I cried till I got the special numbing cream…and the receptionist to come and hold my hand!

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    1. Thank you so much for understanding. Many people don’t as I’m sure you know. “Just a dog”. One of these days I’m going to say “And this is just my hand smacking you’. Dogs have that uncanny ability to remain so loving ~ their faith in their person remains steady even if their person’s faith diminishes.

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  2. Amazes me how callous some people are. I get ribbed from guys I work with for being close with my dog. Their loss is what I say. No sense arguing with them. One even acts like men don’t have a dog forgo companionship etc. He thinks if the dog isn’t doing a job for you then why have one? And when the dog passes get another the next day. What was that song? People Are Strange . 🙂


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