**If your dog has Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS), please see my warning at end of post.

I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked to as my visual issues seem to be worsening. On the bright side, December 6 the “eye surgery gone wrong” from October 2015 will be corrected.

Sasha has been doing well. Her vision has remained the same which is disappointing but she’s not done treatment yet. Her distance vision is still fairly good but her near vision is hit or miss. Dr. Plechner who developed the Plechner Protocol which we’ve been following was became ill a few months ago. He had severe pain in his back which required him to be hospitalized and retire from practice immediately. I *think* he has moved  from California back to his home state of Idaho or perhaps it’s Iowa. I’ve been blacklisted by a young female who is his _________. I entered a blank because I’m not sure what she is other than she came to the USA from Chile, is young, married within the past few years and has a dog that was successfully treated for SARDS using Dr. Plechner’s Protocol. She was so grateful that she made a Facebook page devoted to his work called “Blind Dogs Cure for SARDS by Dr. Plechner”.  Naturally I joined and enjoyed giving little updates on Sasha’s progress as well as posting short video clips whenever I caught her focusing on something. I also was buoyed by reading posts made by other SARDS dog owners because we were all on the same journey, just some at different phases.

One Sunday afternoon in August this young lady posted on the page (which is actually a page attached to her personal FB account as opposed to a stand alone account) that Dr. Plechner was in the hospital. Many of the people who frequented the page live in CA because that’s where his practice was located. Some posted that they were going to visit him later that day. They asked what hospital he was in and one woman commented it was an hour drive but she was going. He had been seen in the ER but not admitted. How do I know this? Because as she was writing on Facebook I was on the telephone with him. Silly me posted on the page that he had been released from the hospital. Well did she become angry! She deleted my post almost immediately. Before I even knew what was happening she was posting that people were writing bad things about him yaddy yaddy and his supporters were outraged. I responded but she deleted it within seconds.  Then I found myself blocked from posting and all my videos purged. My daughter had previously ‘Liked’ the page so she posted something benign;  just to say we only wanted people to know he wasn’t admitted so they didn’t make an unnecessary  trip to the hospital. Boom! Her post was deleted and she was blocked. I was also his “friend” on his personal FB page but lo and behold when I tried to post something a few days later I discovered I was blocked there as well. That told me that she had access to his personal FB password because without that she couldn’t have blocked me and Dr. Plechner isn’t terribly FB savvy. After thinking about it for a few days I became concerned that she also had access to his email as whenever I sent him one he didn’t respond, quite unusual in of itself.  I’ll admit I was pretty angry because here was Sasha, just starting to regain glimmers of near vision and  I was cut off from communicating with him by someone whom at times I referred to as a puta. The first thing I did was contact Sasha’s two Maine veterinarians as well as the lab in Texas that processes the highly specialized endocrine tests and essentially revoked their right to share any of Sasha’s medical information with Dr. Plechner because for all I knew, this power-hungry chick was in control of his email. I’d found several veterinary articles posted on the internet under her name. Very detailed and methodically written. Yet in my collection of You Tube videos on SARDS dogs, there was one she made and honestly? She couldn’t even pronounce many of the medical terms and it wasn’t due to a language barrier ~ it was just obvious she didn’t have a veterinary background. So there was no way I was going to take a chance with Sasha and risk an email suggestion that was really written by her. Would you? I didn’t think so. And in the spirit of honesty I’ll admit I was angry for several weeks and would probably have kicked her to the curb if I got my hands on her. Not sure (my memory tends to fail when I’m stressed) but someone told me Dr. Plechner was moving or had moved already back to his previously mentioned home state in September so I waited a bit and tried emailing him several times with nary a response. After two months I stopped trying. Sasha is in more than capable hands with Drs. Stuer and Noble. It’s just that not a lot is known about SARDS so it would be nice to be able to ask  Dr. Plechner, “Have any of the dogs you’ve treated had this or that happen”? He  probably knows more about this disease than anyone else.


I read something once and it really is true:

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison.”

That’s why  I’ve come to the realization that I need to let it go because why spin my wheels when I have no control over the situation? It’s pointless. Dr. Plechner helped Sasha regain some of her vision after we were told it was impossible. And for that I am extremely thankful.

*I feel morally obligated to  advise any dog owner whose pet has SARDS to be very careful if following Dr. Plechner’s Protocol. As I’ve written many times, it works ~ Sasha is proof along with many other dogs. Sadly he has allowed a non-medical person to have free reign with the part of his life she should NOT be involved in ~ his medical work. Not only is it a slippery slope but a dangerous one. All I can say is I do not trust any form of communication regarding Sasha as I have no idea if this woman is doling out medical advice or if the communication is from him. In my opinion her involvement should be limited to the Facebook page she set up about his work and that’s it. To allow her to dictate if a patient has access to the page or him is unconscionable. I love Sasha too much plus she has endured a multitude of treatments and tests therefore I WILL NOT jeopardize her health or welfare on information that “could” be coming from a 20 something non-medical person who’s claim to fame is setting up a Facebook page. Not happening!

Finally,  while not Thanksgiving related, this is about “letting go” and too cute not to share!

I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus, icons etc. Please click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. If you like it, please subscribe to her channel.

🌰🍁🦃Next up ~ Sasha’s tummy ache🦃🍁🌰

10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving…

    1. Not sure to what extent he knows but he is aware of some of it. I’ve written in the past that Dr. Plechner is, at times, abrasive. I always accepted it because we humans all have different personalities. Plus he is in my opinion a medical pioneer but like many who have discovered something new, has endured years of criticism by his own peers. So I was willing to overlook his eccentricities. Under that exterior is a brilliant mind and good heart. Another medical professional who knows the situation and all of us involved offered to send my emails to Dr Plechner ( because I’m not sure how much access she has) but I declined. It was a kind offer from an equally kind individual but not the way I like to conduct things. I LOVE Sasha’s medical team of Dr Stuer (he’s the one who saved Blue) and Dr Noble(Sasha’s BFF) but Sasha has a current medical issue that is
      “probably” caused by her SARDS treatment and while her docs are more than capable of treating her, I would have liked to have had the opportunity to correspond with Dr P and ask ” Have other SARDS dogs following your protocol had this happen? If so, how did you address it?”. He and I previously had a good working relationship and I grew to enjoy our written discourse.
      I found a funny picture that I wanted to share with you so I’m going to insert it in the bottom of Sasha’s next post. I’ll probably write it today because it’s short. I was so worked up over what happened with Sasha medically that I forgot to get 2 key things for Thanksgiving dinner so will be having it on Friday instead. It’s just hubby and I so it’s fine. We won’t let on to the dogs😝🐾😜

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      1. Yes…would have been useful to be able to cross-reference his research..as it was so ground-breaking, did he not publish any papers about it? If he’s affiliated to the U.S. version of the B.V.A. I’m sure he was supposed to declare it. I don’t know..mega-strange woman. Bears out what you said about FB…just be careful, please 🙂 she might be a “celeb” stalker.
        Really pleased this medical team is working for Sasha-it makes such a difference when the animal is happy and comfortable with the vet.
        Lol…what did you forget? I have forgotten gravy granules before..although really not my fault since SOMEONE put the empty pot back in the cupboard…
        Will keep a look out for your next post 🙂 xx

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  1. That’s crazy! WTH would a doctor allow some FB freak to monitor his patients as in, control who has access to him??? Do they have a “thing” maybe? I know you wrote she’s married but hey stranger things have happened. I just think it’s unethical and extremely unprofessional to allow a lay person (who sounds like she lives on FB) to interfere with a patient you’re treating. I know you wrote he’s collaborating so I assume legally he’s not treating her but still. Sasha’s been left hanging in the wind because of some neurotic woman which is pretty bad but that the vet allows her to do this in my opinion is worse. I’ll email him if you want. Or write on her stupid FB page because that’s a sin and a shame.

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    1. Really it’s ok. Trust me; anything you post that she doesn’t like, no matter how innocent will be deleted before you can blink an eye. Think she’s one of those people that are always connected.

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  2. I found it but this is the first chance I’ve had to get on. I also saw her videos on You Tube. Did you see them? She can’t even pronounce his name or anything. That’s a shame because just from what you’ve written and reading the FB page, he’s done a lot of great work. He should limit her to the FB page only plus tell her not to delete someone just because she doesn’t like what they say. It would be different if a poster was ranting and cursing but she’s just a power freak. Like being in charge of a FB page is going to elevate her status in life. I’m really sorry because I’ve been reading about Sasha from the start and I know how much you researched him, his work and I also know it helped Sasha. For some twank who can’t even speak correctly to interfere is wrong on so many levels.

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  3. Ok sorry this is late but I posted on the site. It has an orange ribbon logo. I posted and it was gone the next day. Here’s what I wrote:

    “It seems like Dr. Plechner has done really amazing and revolutionary work. I’m just curious though. Who exactly does this page belong to? What I mean is, does Dr. Plechner write these medical articles and approve the content of what’s posted here? I know someone who used to post things about their dog because the dog was being treated for SARDS by a vet on the East Coast but using Dr Plechner’s protocol. Then for some reason a woman named Miranda who’s possibly the administrator of this page blocked this person and deleted not only their posts about their dog but the videos and pictures they’d previously uploaded. Do you really think that’s an ethical thing to do to someone who’s dog is being treated using Dr. Plechner’s protocol? How can others learn and benefit from his life’s work if a person can be blocked simply because they post something this woman named Miranda misunderstands or doesn’t like? Is that really fair to the dog of the person blocked? Is it fair to other dogs who could benefit from his work in the future?”

    I didn’t identify you by gender or dog breed nor did I mention I was in LE. This is ridiculous and unethical. I can’t believe a medical professional would allow someone to have this much control over his reputation. It’s really sad when you think about it. I checked her out on LinkedIn and she is NOT in the medical field.

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    1. Oh God Andy thank you SOOOO much but that wasn’t necessary for I knew she would delete your comment and ban you. I’m also sorry that I didn’t respond sooner but I’ve been involved w/Sasha as her tummy is flaring up again. You are right of course; her indiscriminatory banning is NOT fair to the dog and that’s what upsets me the most. I have decided that Sasha’s health is more important to me than following a protocol who’s developed I am cut off from. She has banned me from the FB group (I no longer even have a FB account) and I bit the bullet and emailed him 2x to no avail. I’m not willing to risk her health. I didn’t realize you were an LEO. I remember you had a GSD avi but lately you have that pink thingy. Are you a handler? Do you know me from Twitter because of my K9 work? Again, thank you for trying. There’s a special place in hell for someone like her who has such a black soul.


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