I must confess, haven’t taken many pictures or videos of Sasha in November as most of them turn out blurred. My family has been taking her to see Dr. Stuer at Bethel Animal Hospital  for her weekly acupuncture treatments and laser therapy sessions because ever since I took that giant fall in the parking lot in October I don’t like leaving the house. On the bright side, that will all change on December 6 with the eye correction surgery.

The tummy troubles that were an issue for Sasha in November seem to have resolved so we’re hoping it really is just an ulcer. I noticed a correlation however; the times she vomited were all approximately 5 pm ~ just before her evening meal. During the day gastric juices form in their stomach and can often be acidic which is why once a day feeding is not recommended. Sasha has always been a finicky eater in the morning and when she is, getting her to eat just a little is an accomplishment. I wonder if the three times she was sick were on days she had smaller breakfasts? It would make perfect sense plus because of the steroid therapy she would be prone to stomach acid. What can I say? Sasha has never been a morning girl.


I spoke to Dr. Noble, Sasha’s BFF at Portland Veterinary Hospital and we are all in agreement that we’ll watch to see how she does over this next few weeks.

Which brings me to a decision I’ve made. IF Sasha does wind up needing to have a gastric endoscopy she would require anesthesia. I’m going to have her infused with some of the  stem cells  banked at the time of her first stem cell therapy in April as well as have her knees injected with Platelet Rich Plasma (RPR) again. I’ve been thinking about it for a few months now and pretty well made up my mind that I want to use some of her banked cells . I’d prefer to wait till the late spring because where we live there is minimal snow remaining on the ground late April thus she could get out and exercise more. However, if she’s going to be anesthetized for another procedure, I think it would be less taxing on her body to do the infusing and knee injections at the same time than sedating her again at a later date. The initial stem cell infusion and knee injections seemed to help her arthritis quite a bit. I think a second round would be just as beneficial if not more now that she has a custom boot to prevent her from knuckling.

So for now I’m just “thinking” until I see what the future brings. As for her vision, she doesn’t seem to have recovered any more but she’s still on the protocol plus she wasn’t bumped up to the next level in dosage due to the stomach issues. I’ll wait a few more weeks and if all stays calm, I’ll discuss it with her doctors.

November 30, 2016

Have to share something funny Sasha did on November 30. I was trying to keep the cat from going outside and in the mayhem Sasha just strolled past me without her boot on. I actually think with snow on the ground she’s less prone to abrading her foot if she knuckles but it was just funny the way it happened.

November 30, 2016
Walked right past me!
November 30, 2015
She even looks guilty!


Can’t wait to see what December brings! Hopefully it won’t take me several hours to do a relatively short post anymore.



I’m not a savvy blogger  so unsure of menus and widgets. Please click to see Sasha’s You Tube channel which chronicles her journey from onset until present day. If you like it, please subscribe.

💜Next up ~ I have no clue💜








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